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 Executive profiles – Gary  Creamer has 30 years experience in telecommunications.  A solid electronics background with a customer focused attitude, you can be assured of discretion and professionalism.  Initially trained in HM Forces we can have a professional view on Surveillance camera placement.

Articles – Below are some 'how to' guides to support the products the that The System Technician Ltd supplies.  I understand that a lot of information is passed on the handover, so below is just a set of Aide Memoirs for reference.  Soon I will produce my own guides although for now I have chosen some from YouTube.  Our business and home surveillance systems are preffered to be Hikvision, who are a market leader for quality CCTV systems.

Mission statements – We Put safety at the forefront of our business. whilst connecting you to your systems.  

Company policies – We service our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Customers page - CCTV Setup for your business or home surveillance

Hikvision instructions  CCTV Setup intruder detection on Hikvision Business & Home Surveillance CCTV System for your surveillance cameras.

Setup Hik-connect on a mobile device


how to set up email alerts on Hikvision

How to set up email alets on Hikvision

Blocking areas on Hikvision

Blocking areas on Hikvision.

Image recording settings

Hikvision Image recording settings

Playback search tips

Hikvision search past footage easier.

View your HikVision system on your PC

Instructions to use IVMS 4200