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Door Entry Intercom System

Vandalised Intercom

Vandalised system 6 flats in the building, tradesman entry.  South Park Drive, Paisley.

This intercom system was vandalised, burned, discoloured plastic and the names on the buttons no longer lived in the flats.   The door entry was not secure due to a damaged part.

Replaced for vandal proof


This is the replacement intercom System for the vandalised one on the left.  All internal wiring to flats and new handsets with privacy switches fitted in each flat.door entry System now fully operational.

internal wiring replaced or re-routed

New handset Fitted, previous had been removed during renovation

Wiring or handsets replaced on most existing systems.

Tenement intercom

By Thomas Nugent, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Glasgow Tenement.  We specialise in tenement door entry / controlled entry systems.  

Voice, fingerprinted, facial or number plate recognition.


Intercom/ access control systems repaired, updated or installed.

Controlled access office


Limit access by cards or key fobs or codes.  Know who is in or out with personalised key identification.  Current systems repaired, upgraded or maintained.

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